Are you registered landlords?
Yes, we are registered with the Welsh Government scheme, Rent Smart Wales, which requires that all landlords in Wales have this license and comply with the Housing Act (Wales 2014). We are also registered with the University….find us on Studentpad! All properties are HMO licensed (where required).

Do you have an office?
No, we are a small concern so you contact us directly.

How do I collect my keys?
Pippa will give you your keys over the summer before you start.

Will my room be clean when I start?
Yes, your room and the whole house will be professionally cleaned in the summer before you start.

Is there high speed internet?
Yes, we provide free, high speed internet in every property.

What if we have a gas or electricity emergency?
Please contact the gas or electricity company directly in case of emergency and follow the emergency information in your house.

Can we have pets?
With prior arrangement, we do allow some pets for example, clean, caged, well kept pets. Please ask Pippa.

Is there maintenance throughout?
Yes, please let us know if you have any maintenance problems and our maintenance team will deal with it. Our properties are maintained to a very high standard so we hope that ongoing maintenance will be minimal.

How do we look after the garden?
We do this for you, we have a gardener who maintains each garden, so you can just enjoy it!

Is the electricity green?
Yes, we use a green energy provider (see our green energy policy).

What if I loose my key or get locked out?
Please contact Pippa – she will let you in but there will be a small fee if this is in unsociable hours.

If we have any questions about our house or contract, who do we contact?
We want to make this process easy for you, please contact Pippa or follow the links and contact us by phone or email.

Can I get a single room in a house with other people?
Yes! Just ask and we will let you know availability.

Do you take post-graduate students?
Yes! Please contact us for post-grad single room or house accommodation.

Who owns the properties?
We do. We (Jane and Ramsay) own the properties. Pippa, is our longstanding friend and experienced property manager, who runs and looks after these for us.

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